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    Just For Tummies

    The Just For Tummies range of probiotics, food supplements and teas has been created by Linda Booth, who runs one of the UK’s most successful natural digestive health and gut disorder clinics (see separate client page). She trained with leading digestive health expert, Dr Harald Stossier (one of the top 5 digestive health doctors in the world), at the world-renowned Viva Mayr Clinic and is also a published author. A former Vice Chair of the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists, Linda now sits on the Executive Committee of The IBS Network – the UK’s dedicated charity for IBS sufferers. Encouraged by her clinic’s success, Linda developed her vision for the UK’s first dedicated digestive health product range: Just For Tummies.

    Live Bacteria – high strength, ideal for any digestive health issue (£19.95 for 60 capsules)
    Digestive Enzymes – with extra calcium, ideal for over 50’s or those who eat on the go (£19.95 for 60 tablets)
    Omega 3 – super high strength cold-pressed fish oil, plays a key role in managing IBS symptoms (£12.95 for 30 capsules)
    Garlic – High strength, low odour, helps bring the gut flora back into balance (£14.95 for 60 tablets)
    Fibre – contains four types of fibre to help you stay regular. Use for constipation and diarrhoea (£10.95 for 60 tablets)
    Charcoal – for uncomfortable bloating and embarrassing wind especially after meals. Charcoal prevents a build up of intestinal gas (£12.95 for 60 capsules)
    Milk Thistle – traditionally used for over-indulgence, Milk Thistle supports the liver when you’ve eaten or drunk too much (£12.95 for 60 tablets)

    Tummy Tea – A calming blend of herbs and spices used to soothe the digestive system.
    Naturally caffeine-free (£9.95)

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